SEND Support

Worcestershire Speech and Language Therapy:

Our Communication TA and Speech Therapist have made videos showing ways to support your child’s speech and language skills at home.  These are on our YouTube channel.

If you haven't already received a link, please contact Mrs Stanton who will happily send one to you. 

In addition to this, parents can find more ideas and resources on:

Resources for Children’s Speech and Language | Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust (

Or their Facebook page:

Worcestershire Speech and Language Therapy | Facebook

Additional support for Speech, Language and Communication difficulties

 The Communication Trust:

The Communication Trust - Resources for parents

Afasic - s the UK charity representing children and young people with communication impairments, working for their inclusion in society and supporting their parents and carers. Local parents/carers groups can be contacted via the national office.Afasic Helpline – a lifeline for parents – Afasic

Supporting vulnerable learners:

Supporting children with special educational needs and disabilities | NSPCC

COVID-19 Support and Guidance | Council For Disabled Children


Worcestershire Paediatric Occupational Therapy

Videos to support range of different skills:  Fine motor skills, Gross motor skills, Core strength,  Strengthening different body parts, Handwriting tips, Water play, Play in isolation, Relaxation and visualisation, Yoga for children

Leaflets to support parents with different skills: Self care skills, Leisure, School skills, Equipment, mini making sense, service information

Dyspraxia Education – A charity in Worcestershire set up to offer advice to parents and professionals

Dyspraxia / DCD | information & training| for teachers and parents. (

Worcestershire Educational Psychology Services have created a video to support parents of SEND learners understand differentiation:

Managing the transition between school and home learning:


Tips for supporting your child’s learning at home from Worcestershire Specialist Learning Team:

Top tips to help your child learn at home - Worcestershire Children First Education Services

BBC Bitesize     Parents' Toolkit: SEND - BBC Bitesize



SEND Support Resources 



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Sleep Tips for people with Autism

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Support children understanding Coronavirus

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