Tea Days

Due to current COVID restictions, Tea Days are not being held. We hope to run these events again once restrictions are lifted and it is safe to do so. 

Tea Day is a social event to which family members are invited to share a little time with their child(ren) in school.

Our Year 4 children organise Tea Day sessions over 2 days in the Autumn and Spring terms held in our school hall.  

They will greet you on arrival, take orders, act as waiting staff to deliver your order to you at your table and organise the bill.  There will be drinks, cakes and biscuits that you can buy.

This is a very popular event, and as capacity is limited there is an allowance for two places to be booked for either 2 adults or 1 adult and a non-school sibling.  We will try our best to accommodate families with more than one non-school sibling.  

Arrangements are according to whether you have 1 child in the school or siblings. 

Families with 1 child

If you are interested in attending, parents and carers will need to attend on the relevant year group session.

Families with siblings

Choose one of the year group session times that one of your children belongs to.  We will ensure that all siblings attend that session.