Here at Oak Hill First School we believe it is important that there is the opportunity for people to further their education and training by volunteering or working within a school setting. As an educational setting our first priority is to the children within our care, however we also recognise the valuable role we can play in the local community, providing volunteers and trainees with classroom experience and a track record which they can draw on when applying for jobs. 

In addition to the benefits that they derive, people on work experience also have a contribution to offer the school. Their enthusiasm and practical help can add interest to classrooms, improve the adult/child ratio and support learning in a practical manner. It is, therefore, our policy to provide opportunities for work experience within the school whenever possible. It is important that the number of young people who are on work experience in the school does not become intrusive. Neither should work experience ever be to the detriment of our own children’s care and education.

If you would like to volunteer at the school, please contact the school office on 01527 528523.