School Closure Information

The local authority will take the responsibility of informing parents when an “All Schools Closure” has been decided. However there may be occasions when it a localised issue. On these occasions the decision rests with the Headteacher and Chair of Governors. Provided health and safety is not compromised (pathways, heating, staff/pupil ratio) we will be open! It is a parental decision as to whether it is safe to travel to and from school.

Please ensure that you have updated the office with any changes to your contact details – as on occasions parents have been requested to collect pupils from school during extreme
weather conditions.  If we have to close the best source of information is our own frequently updated Class Dojo service and also the school website which is as follows:

The County Council Website will also display the list of schools that are closed or partially closed. Telephone number 01905 765765 – lines may be busy!)

Local Radio stations such as :

  • Worcestershire 104 FM
  • Worcestershire MW 738 MW
  • Free Radio 96.4 FM
  • XTRA 1152 AM
  • HEART 100.7 FM

also access this information and broadcast closure information.  If a decision has to be made to close every endeavour will be made to make the decision as early as possible. Messages (Dojo and/or texts) will be sent out as early as we are able.

Please note: we only send a Dojo message/text if we are closing.