As part of our MOE this half term we have been asked by the Prime Minister Winston Churchill to find out what life is like for evacuees. We had a visitor who had travelled from that time to tell us all about what life was like in Britain in the 1940’s.

We tried washing without using a washing machine, we got dressed up in clothes from the 1940’s. We discovered warden helmets are very heavy! The girls were not sure about the head scarves and preferred the berets.

Toys didn’t need batteries or plugging in but they were still fun, the bagatelle game with the marbles was great fun.

We were not sure about the idea of sucking on a parsnip instead of eating sweets as sweets were on ration. The amount of cheese you had to survive on each week wasn’t even enough to make a decent sandwich.

We could see that life would have been hard but people found ways to cope and keep calm and carry on.



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