Year 4 Science day.

Last week was national science week so Year 4 rose to the challenge and decided to investigate seeing with our brains.

We looked at a series of optical illusions and thought about how our brains were being tricked. We then created our own optical illusions by making colour spinners and bird in a cage spinners.

We went on to look at the amazing scientist Nikola Tesla, who was way ahead of his time, he worked with Thomas Edison, who has received most of the credit in terms on innovations in electrical understanding. Nikola Tesla was convinced that he could send electricity without wires and came up with what we now call the world wide web, however at the time his ideas were not appreciated and he was considered a mad scientist. We now understand the ideas that Nikola Tesla was trying to develop and recognise his genius.

In the afternoon, we investigated materials that were conductors and insulators and why these are important in electrical circuits. We applied our understanding of electrical circuits to help us do this.



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