We have started a new MOE by immersing ourselves into all things rainforests.We have been contacted by Hetty from the WWF who needs our help to protect the rainforests. She has asked us to work with Lynne Cherry the author of The Great Kapok tree to write a new edition to keep the rainforests plight in peoples minds.

 We have been exploring facts about the rainforest and locating where they are in the world and researching how the environment is different to the UK.

In writing we are using the story ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ to help us understand how writers describe a setting in detail.

We look forward to sharing more of our learning over the next few weeks. I sure you will agree that we have some exciting learning coming up!


We are comparing the works of Henri Rousseau and John Dyer and will take inspiration from their work to produce a piece of rainforest art.


We are investigating ways to sort and classify animals and plants using branch databases.


We are looking into the development of our local area, the changes that have been made and the reasons for these changes.


Watch this space for more news!

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