What a fantastic day Year 4 have had!! We have been using our maths skills to help us solve lots of different problems and puzzles.

The children had to find different types of angles all around the playground, they were looking for acute, obtuse and right angles. It’s amazing how many they found. Did you know the year 4 roof is an obtuse angle!! Have a look next time on your way down the path in the morning.

We had different shapes activities which tested the children’s knowledge of shapes, they had shape bingo where there was multiple possibilities and they were expected to sort through the answers and solve the clues. It was a lot harder than it first looked. Our making shapes from string was lots of fun- a shape name was shouted out is hexagon, a four sided shape, pentagon and the children were expected to make the shape using their string.

Our understanding of how to measure was needed for the paving slabs activity- the children needed to measure the perimeter of a shape and record their findings, they were expected to use the most effective method of adding up the measurements. We also were required to remember that we start from 0 on our measuring tape.

Our last activity was co-ordinates. Children were given a puzzle to solve. Using the coordinate on the map they had to locate a country on a map and record the name. Then the first letter of every country was used to find the name of a famous character. Who was it? Paddington Bear of course!!



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