We are continuing our work as History Detectives to help Mrs Millward understand how and why Redditch has changed since the 1980s. Our focus this week was to look at how our school has changed over time. We were given primary sources of information in the form of a school log book which we had to investigate and pull out key information. We learnt that Arrowcrest opened in 1964 and later closed in 2001. Oak Hill First School was born when Arrowcrest and Ipsley merged together. The blue and red uniforms of the old schools were used as inspiration and mixed to make Oak Hill’s purple jumpers. A pupil also designed the school logo, which is still used today. We also completed a virtual tour of the school (a fascinating experience from our excellent guide and ex-pupil, Mrs Elvins) to learn how the building had changed and how new areas had been built. Did you know that the current library and 4S classroom didn’t exist originally and are part of the new build!

This is a picture of a log book from when the two schools merged. You might see a couple of familiar names on there!

Thare is also a picture of a previous headteacher with the pupils who came up with the name and logo for the school. 


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