Year 4 History Day

What a day we had in Year 4 last Thursday!! A day full of history and finding out about Technology that the Romans gave to us, were the Vikings any good at building boats and who believed the most in
the afterlife? Romans, Egyptians or the Vikings?

In each classroom the children were given a question that they had to decide on the answer by using different historical evidence and sources. Mr Jackson was on hand to help the children make their
choices in the Roman room and he was very impressed by the children’s ability to argue their point based on evidence given to them.

The children enjoyed a full day of learning in a different way and all achieved the objectives of the day, which was to answer their 3 questions giving the reasons for their answers. The children enjoyed
the freedom to explain and argue their decisions and the work that has been recorded in books is excellent. Thank you Year 4 for embracing our History day with so much enthusiasm.

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