In Year 4 on Tuesday 4th November we travelled back in time to 1940. We had to say goodbye to our families and travel by steam train to Exeter where we would be chosen by our host family that would look after us for the duration of the war.

We were only role playing what it would be like but for many children this was their reality. To help us understand what life was like for children in 1940 we looked at the dimensions of Anderson shelters and the sorts of things they had inside, we even made flower pot heaters with candles, as families often had to spend the whole night in the shelter, we constructed model Anderson shelters and thought about why they were built well away from the houses. We were amazed at how small shelters designed for up to six people actually were. We ensured that we had our placecards on so that we did not get lost on the train journey, we even had to make our gas mask boxes, because if you were caught outside without one a warden might shout at you!

We used historical language ‘Jolly good show, spit spot, come along now chaps, chin up, there is a war on you know!

The Year 4 children are looking forward to learning more about World War 2 in the coming weeks. 



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