As soon as we got back to school after the Christmas holidays we were in for a surprise. A mysterious box had arrived in all three classrooms claiming to be from the Birmingham
Museum but there was no other information included.The things looked as if they could be old and there were suggestions on the things that they came from the Ancient Egyptian era. We felt that to be able to solve this mystery we would have to become exerts on all things Ancient Egyptian. To do this we looked at the chronology of the time period and we were amazed at how long this civilization had lasted for, far longer than the Roman and Viking periods that we have looked at before. We had to take our time lines out on to the field to be able to leave big enough gaps to show the time periods!
We learnt how to write our names in hieroglyphs and that the Egyptians even invented a number system so they could keep track of what they were trading. We investigated the Egyptians beliefs about the after life to try to find out why they would spend their whole lives thinking about the day the would die. We found this linked to the story of Isis and Osiris. There is still so much to learn and they are such an interesting culture to find out about, we are looking forward to our visit by Professor McGinty an expert on all things Egyptian on the 1 st of February.



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