Year 4 Condover trip.

Year 4 have returned from an amazing trip to Condover. After 18 months of not being able to do visits this was a great one to get started with. The weather was fantastic and very kind to us all week, in fact on some days a little too warm and the children all commented on how much fun it was to be spending so much time outside.

The Condover experience challenged us in many ways, we were trying new things and for many of us we were pushed out of our comfort zones but what shone through was how supportive and encouraging the children were with each other. The way they yelled encouragement to friends who were doubting themselves was brilliant so that many managed to overcome their initial fears and take that leap of faith over the edge of the abseiling wall or on to the aerial trek.

The children worked as a team to build buggies that they then tried out, who knew that some old plastic barrels, lengths of wood and ropes could be used to make a Flintstone style car! The cars came in kit form ie spread all over the field, so the children had to collaborate and work together to build their moving buggies. One person couldn’t take over because the equipment was just to big and too heavy for that so everyone on the team was needed.

The children at school had an amazing time in their own team, developing relalationships and challenging themselves with a range of different activities. 

Mrs Thomas is currently working through the mammoth task of creating a slide show to share with parents of the children who went to Condover. We are working our way throuhg that and something with be shared with parents as soon as possible. Many thanks for your patience. 

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