The children in Year 4 have continued to really engage with our Ancient Egypt MOE. They have been tasked with guiding the Pharaoh’s and offering them support with their roles and responsibilities. This week we had the opportunity to learn lots of new Egyptian facts, see some gruesome artefacts, learn how to mummify humans and animals and took part in an Egyptian journey to the Pyramids. Professor McGinty made this a really enjoyable experience, he even managed to make the teachers laugh! The children have been excellent problem solvers in Maths and are now experts in using the bus stop method to solve complex division questions. We have been particularly pleased with the amount of homework we have received this half term. It is great to see the children putting so much effort in and is good practice for their transition to middle school. We are really excited to see what the rest of the half term brings! Keep up the hard work Year 4



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