What festivals and celebrations do you know?  Well Year 1 are currently investigating festivals as part of their MOE.  So far we have looked at Bonfire Night, Diwali, Shabbat and we are now looking at Chinese New Year.

Whilst it takes place in January and February of each year we are looking at what is similar and what is different about all of the celebrations.  We have found out that lots of festivals celebrate change and a new start.  But, more importantly for us there seems to be a lot of food!

In Judaism, Shabbat is celebrated with a special bread called challot.  Bonfire Night is celebrated with jacket potatoes and cinder toffee.  Diwali is celebrated with besan ladoo, a sweet made from chick peas and Chinese New Year is celebrated with dumplings made from either meat or vegetables.

It all sounds so delicious!

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