Year 1 are currently investigating 'celebrations' in the UK.  So far, we have been looking at The Gunpowder Plot and why we celebrate Bonfire Night.  The children have been really excited to find out that some of the plotters came from Coughton, which isn't too far away. and they have been questioning why King James thought the way he did.

In class they have been building the House of Parliament and re-enacting the arrest of Guy Fawkes.  We have also been discovering how we travel to London today and how the the Gunpwder Plotters would have travelled to London.  It was quite a surprise for most of the children that they didn’t have cars, trains, planes or motorbikes back then. What was a greater surprise was that if they had to walk to London from Rebbitch it would take 36 hours – that’s 6 school days!  No one wanted to give it a try.


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