Over the past few weeks, Year One have been searching for a new home where the Gruffalo might like to live.  He has sent us letters to help us by telling us what sort of environment he would like to live in.  We have learnt that he likes to be with trees and plants and if there are some other animals around to keep him company, he would like it very much. 

Year One were quick to think of our forest school area and went to look around to see if it would be the right place for him.  They wanted to let The Gruffalo know that they had found somewhere for him to live...but he came back to us asking what types of trees were there. He wanted us to tell him if they were evergreen or deciduous. 

It was time for Year One to find out what these words meant and check out the trees in forest school.  It was soon solved and the children went to find out.  The trees in forest school are mainly deciduous, meaning that they lose their leaves in autumn after they have changed colour.  The leaves are flat and broad.  They also found an evergreen tree, a tree which stays green all year round and doesn’t lose its leaves.  The leaves are spikey or needle like, just like our Christmas trees!! 

The Gruffalo was very happy when we reported back to him with their findings.

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