Well how has this happened?  We are drawing ever closer to the end of the school year and getting lots of things finished off.  It has been such an amazing year with such amazing children.  It would be hard to pick just one thing to write about!!!  We remember the children coming in for the transition days last year and thinking they are so small, they need lots of support and help.  Well we can honestly say that each and every child in year one has grown, not just in height, but in confidence and independence.  We would like to say a great big thank you to all the parents and carers who have helped and supported us this year.  Your support and kindness means a lot and really does help us.  

We are sure that all the children have some lovely memories from the past year.

Here are a few of ours.

Mrs Assirati - Mine has to be the work that we did during the King’s coronation week. The children worked really hard and it was during this time that we found that we had some fantastic sewers.  The children produced pieces to collaborate to make some bunting. 

Mrs Wilkes - Mine is the production. Everyone had such fun learning the songs and dances and the performances were amazing! So nice to share with the parents. ????

Mrs Mason-Burke - It's difficult to pinpoint just one memory from a whole year.  I think it's got to be the relationships that have been built in 1M.  We have all changed so much, laughed often and  learned together.  It has been a real pleasure to have been their teacher.

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