Percy thePark Keeper 

Reception have been helping Percy the Park Keeper as he prepares the park for winter. He has been asking us to help hm with lots of jobs!!

We found a suitcase full of gardening objects in our classroom and as we read the book inside it, we discovered it was left by Percy the Park Keeper. We thought about ‘who’ might live in the park and sorted animals that did and did not live in the park.

Percy then asked us to help get the park ready for bonfire night so we made bonfires in outdoor areas and learned about firework safety.

Percy found a baby hedgehog when he tidied up and so Reception have been working hard to learn how to look after the hedgehog, finding out more about what eats and what it needs to survive. We also had to think of name for it.

Reception have also helped Percy to identify the poppies that were growing in the park and learned why these are linked to Remembrance.

The children have been working hard to write lists and labels to help Percy and have been learning lots of new letter sounds.

In maths, they have learned about numbers to 5 and how to represent these in different ways as well as explore the concepts of ‘more’ and ‘fewer’.

They have made firework pictures, autumn leaf hedgehogs and painted poppies too. 

This week Reception are going to make hibernation houses for a hedgehog as they learn more about hibernation and which animals hibernate.

Percy the Park Keeper has been keeping us very busy!



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