Reception have been very busy over the last couple of weeks.

In phonics they have been segmenting words into syllables and clapping them along with ‘Sally Syllable’, a puppet who plays a music instrument to play the syllables. We have sorted words into groups that have 1, 2, 3 or 4 syllables. We even found some with 5 syllables, for example, re-frig-er-a-tor = refrigerator!


In maths the children have been using all of the knowledge they have gained this year to solve problems.

For example, how many different ways can you find to put 10 sheep in 2 fields? They have used practical resources to manipulate pictures of sheep into green paper fields. They have then been very clever and represented the maths in a variety of ways, including number sentences, part-whole models and pictures of the sheep in the fields.


We are very proud of the progress and achievement of Reception this year and we know their new Year 1 teachers will be super impressed with our knowledge.

Well done Reception.

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