In Nursery we have enjoyed beginning our PE lessons this summer term. We visit the hall and field, weather permitting, and play lots of different games to work on our gross motor movements, core strength and teamwork.  
We are doing well to take off our own shoes and socks independently, and begin by waking up the different parts of our bodies that will be used in the session. We navigate space, stretch, balance, and then we are ready to start.
We have practiced weaving in and out of cones, moving in different ways for our "bean game", when we practice moving as fast runner beans, small squashed baked beans and wobbling jelly beans. We also practice control of our movements by balancing bean bags and cones on our feet, hands, shoulders and head to sort them into the correct colours.
Then we cool down, saying a big well done to each part of our bodies, and we talk about how our hearts have been pumping faster, before putting on our socks and shoes again and walking sensibly back through the school.
We love PE and can't wait to join in with sports day!

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