We have really enjoyed our weekly trips to forest school . Our adventures always start with singing the song “ We’re on our way to Forest school”. We then sit together in the forest hut discussing and talking about the rules that we should follow outside in forest school to keep us and each other safe before exploring. 

We have had great fun looking for living things under tree stumps and inside trees, showed pretend play on the high chair and car, balanced along logs, showed interest in new found objects such as conkers and acorns, made stickmen and played our favourite game hide and seek. 
If you go on an adventure in the woods or parks, I hope you enjoys revisiting some of these activities with your family. Don’t forget some of the forest school rules that you have learnt  such as “ we treat living things kindly and always put them back where we find them” and “we don’t eat anything that we find in forest school”. 
Have fun. 

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