Let’s Get Active!

The children have loved the introduction of PE into the Nursery timetable.

Every Thursday and Friday we will be taking the children down to the hall to join in lots of games and activities to develop their motor skills. We will be playing lots of team games, encouraging them to move in different ways and having lots of fun jumping, climbing and travelling!

The children do not need a PE kit, we are just getting them to remove socks and shoes. Some of the children are fantastic at this and others still need some support. When they go into Reception they will need to get changed for PE independently, so if you could encourage your child to put on their socks and shoes without any help, that would be a great start!

It is much easier if they are just wearing socks as the girls do find it tricky with tights… if they could be wearing socks on a Thursday (afternoon & full time children) or Friday (Morning children).

I am sure the children will tell you all about the fun they have been having!

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